International Courier Services





10 AM - 7.30PM


How we work

We care for your package more than anything and we hire professional delivery people to do your job as we are very careful about your parcel delivery. Our delivery people are so friendly and positive minded and always work with a smile on their face. Package in hand and on time delivery service turns eager customers to happy customers.

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Vehicle, Truck & Freight

We care for our vehicles as we care about our customers. We make sure to get our delivery vehicles in their best shape every month as they are our backbone which allows us to deliver your package without any delay and on time. Every delivery vehicle has a built-in GPS that gives us and you real-time status of driver’s name, location, date of dispatch etc.

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Specialized Delivery

We care for your package but some packages need special treatment that’s why we offer some special deliveries as an extension to our delivery services like white glove delivery, medical specimen delivery and many more. We give special care for your package that it needs. And only Experienced and professional delivery person is appointed to your delivery which only delivers your package on the specified timing which is allotted to you. That is how we are the best courier company in Ludhiana.

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Warehousing & Facilities Management

Today’s business environment offers you the best care for your package as you would do in your care. We offer the best warehousing facility with climate control, 24-hour CCTV surveillance facility. Due to increasing government regulations and demand to protect personal information are changing the scope of storage needs which results as we are appointing the professional person to handle management and storage.  As a result we ,are sending packages on time.